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Nine Patch Mitered Square Blanket

I continue to work on this blanket in a mitered square. I originally was going to use only superwash worsted scraps for this blanket, but once I got started and decided to make my own pattern, I decided I should BUY yarn for it! But I haven’t bought that much, and I’m waiting on some more superwash at my fabulous LYS: Knitting Today! Check it out in my links!
You can buy the pattern for just $1.00 on Ravelry!


Basic Super Stretchy Ribbed Sock

If you’re new to knitting socks, then this pattern and the suggested yarns are for you!  The pattern is mostly in ribbing to make for a good fit, and the suggested yarns have elastic or spandex or lycra in them giving extra stretch.  So getting your socks to fit won’t be as much of an issue as with a regular sock pattern.  Go ahead and give it a try!

Basic Super Stretchy Ribbed Socks