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Iceleaves Shawl–Free Pattern

Dramatic and plush, the Iceleaves shawl is a fast knit using superbulky yarn and size 19 needles. With a gauge of almost 2 stitches per inch, you’ll be done knitting this before you’ve binge-watched two episodes of your favorite series!

This pattern is for your personal use only. Please don’t sell items knit from this pattern, and please don’t pass the pdf along to your fellow-knitters. Instead, refer them to this blog. Click ice-leaves-shawl to download.

6 thoughts on “Iceleaves Shawl–Free Pattern

  1. I have a question about the iceleaves pattern (so pretty!). So you start with 7 stitches, decrease by 2, then somehow increase by 3 in the next row. Are you adding by casting on? In the beginning of the row? At the end? K-wise or P-wise?

    Also, after your ssk, why do you have to yo before another knit stitch? Is it to form a twist?

    I know this must be self-evident to others, but I am a novice and I want to get this right!

    Thanks for any help



    1. Lace knitting (the leaves are technically “lace”) consists of decreases and increases. The increases are yarn-overs which create the holes of the lace. I probably can’t give you enough help through the internet to help you through this project. Your best bet is going to be finding a knitting friend or going to your Local Yarn Shop (not Joann’s or Michaels!) and getting some help. If you choose the latter, buy some yarn from them! It’s how they exist 🙂


  2. Hi! Such a pretty pattern. I was wondering if it would be easy to make it wider? The pattern says its 46″ x 9″, could you make it 46 x 12, or 18″? How? thank you!


    1. Of course you can make it 2x wider or 3x wider. As for how, you’d have to get in touch with an expert knitter in your area. It’s just a free pattern that I developed and shared. 🙂


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