I finally had enough $$ to get some of that fantastic Ella Rae Lace Merino yarn to make the Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. So, I started knitting, and after the first evening I noticed that my hand was dyed…from the yarn…exactly where I held the working yarn and the sweater on the needles! Since it was the 4th of July, I said, “Oh my stars and stripes!” I washed my hands and it fades a little every day. But I keep knitting more and more, and so my hands get “overdyed.” Perhaps this is an alternative to a tattoo?

2 thoughts on “Hand-Dyed…Literally!

  1. Oh my! I’ve not had others report of the bleeding problem. Is it a problem for you?? Do you think it’ll affect the intensity of the colors if you wash it with synthrapol (I have some if you don’t) or vinegar?? Lea-Ann


    1. Here’s my plan…I’ll wash/block it and see how much color comes out. I don’t think it will be a lot. Then I’ll never wear a white blouse under it! I think that should do the trick. I still like this yarn!


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