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African Violet in Full Bloom!

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OK, you caught me on a knitting binge. Sometimes I’m just so motivated to get stuff done, and this project was one that motivated me! So, here are the pictures. It looks great on, but I don’t have anything to put on underneath it since I’m on vacation and have a limited color/shirt selection. I’ll post pics of me wearing it in a few days! By the way, if you want to see the pattern I used, I’ll post a link in the right column. Look for Knitty: Leaflet!

Remember! Check your gauge if you decide to use worsted weight yarn! This fabric on this sweater is a lot looser than the one on Knitty! So if you desire a stiffer fabric, you’d best choose an Aran weight yarn.

2 thoughts on “African Violet in Full Bloom!

  1. Cute sweater, wonderful color. I saw that you queued Jeny Staiman’s Double Heelix. I want to knit it, too. Any chance that you’ll be at Knitting Today anytime soon?


    1. Thanks for the compliments. Yes, I’m going to knit Double Helix. I need to find some yarn I’d like to use. What about you? What will you use? I’m working at LYS on Mondays and Thursdays 12-4 and this Saturday for the next few weeks.


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