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Tragedy and Resolution

1/2 Turtleneck to go!

With half a turtleneck to knit, I ran out of yarn! I just have a few more grams of yarn and not enough to knit the rest of the turtleneck. That’s a tragedy! I’m using Dale of Norway Falk yarn (superwash sport weight), and Dale decided last year to stop distributing to the North American market. That is more tragedy because this is one of my favorite yarns to use. It is warm, looks great in stranded knitting, and wears like iron. It never pills, even after years of use. Please comment below if you have a great replacement for this yarn!

A possible resolution, however, is that I ordered another ball of a similar yarn (Dale or Norway Heilo–its hand-wash counterpart) in the same color. My thought is to use this different yarn right where the turtleneck turns, hoping that it won’t be noticeable. In the meantime, anybody got a ball of Dale of Norway Falk in color 0020? I’d be happy to buy it or trade something, not my firstborn, or anything like that, but something to make it worth your while! It looks like my Bang Out a Sweater for February will be on hold for a week or so.

That’s all the yarn I have left…sweater sadness!

2 thoughts on “Tragedy and Resolution

  1. Did you put your request for this yarn on Ravelry? That’s where I got what I needed last year. I hope you can get it!!


    1. Thanks for your help! Actually I have a ball of Dale of Norway Heilo color 0020 (the non-superwash sibling of Dale of Norway Falk) coming from eBay today. I’m hoping it’s a great match. Also I messaged a few people on Ravelry who were willing to trade or sell, but their color was the more white looking color 0017. When I went through all people on Ravelry who had stashes of the color I need, I found a lady who has 8 balls. Strangely enough, she was a customer of a yarn shop I used to work at in Indiana (I live in Utah now), and I’m acquainted with her. If the above-mentioned Heilo yarn doesn’t work out, I’m going to beg her to trade something for a ball of the color 0020 Falk. I’m still working things out… 🙂


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