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Diamondweave Hat

Diamondweave Hat20160205_172929

Not tight enough to be a beanie, yet not loose enough to be a slouch, Diamondweave Hat delivers highly textured diamonds that float over background purl stitches. As you know, “textured” means you’ll be moving a lot of stitches around, so be prepared. But the payoff is a beautifully patterned hat that has depth and drama.

Click on the link below for the free pattern pdf. Enjoy!

Diamondweave Hat

13 thoughts on “Diamondweave Hat

  1. Hi, I have a question on the chart part of the pattern. What do you mean by “is not a stitch” and in the green and white parts where you hold the stitch -when you say hold right stitch you mean the one on the left side no? So I’ll hold the first stitch then knit or purl accordingly, and then knit the one that I was holding no ? Hope you can help me, I really like the pattern 🙂


    1. Ignore that square. It’s not a stitch. Just work the other 8 squares as directed in that row. This “not a stitch” happens a lot when charting patterns.
      Your next question: you’re moving stitches around to create little mini-cables or textured stitches. Have you ever done cables? It’s just like that.


  2. On pattern round 7 should the first white block read kr over kl instead of kl over kr? also on pattern round 3 are both white blocks kr over kl? appreciate your help as
    I really like this pattern.

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  3. Hi, Nancy!

    I loved this hat. Your works are very beautiful, congratulations!

    I’m Brazilian. I live in Brazil, and I do not speak or write in English fluently (I only read), so forgive my writing mistakes.

    I would like to know if I can make this cap using straight needles and if in this case there is some change in the recipe.

    Thank you in advance for your response.
    Best Regards,


    1. Thanks for the comment! Sorry I didn’t answer quickly. I was out of town and then school got busy.
      I appreciate your English skills; you are doing very well!
      You should just learn to knit with circular and double-pointed needles, because knitting a hat with straight needles means you need to sew a seam and that ruins the beauty of any hat. That is my best idea. You will not be sorry to know how to knit in the round because you can do so many more things with round knitting!


  4. Hi Nancy
    When I work round 1 of the diamond pattern the “cables” don’t flow neatly from the ribbing below as they do in your photo. Instead they are off set. This is difficult to describe; I hope you can tell what I mean! 😊I have checked the ribbing and increase rounds are correct as far as I can tell, so I don’t know what is wrong. Please help!

    Kind regards


    1. Good evening, Martine,
      I haven’t knitted this in a few years, but the pattern should be correct. Do you have a knitting friend who can help you? Or can you get help at the shop where you purchased the yarn? Those are my best suggestions! Good luck!


      1. Thanks, Nancy,
        It’s certainly a lovely pattern. I’ll have another try. I must be doing something wrong!
        I hope you are safe and well where you are and enjoying lots of knitting therapy.
        Kind regards from Australia,


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